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Greek Week 2013: Greek Yearbook- Events and Rules

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Greek Week Planning Committee Goals

Original Ideas: We want Greek Week 2013 to be the most fun week DU Greek Life has ever seen! We know that for Greek Week to be as amazing as it can be that our event ideas will need to be original, fun, and fantastic.

Keep the Committee Fun: Who says being on a planning committee can't be all fun and games? Sure, we have our work cut out for us but to plan and fun week, we need to be a fun committee. We plan to enjoy this planning process!

Don’t Get Stressed, Get Awesome: When the going gets tough and things don't appear to be going our way, we plan to buckle down and get even more awesome. Greek Week 2013 is going to be spectacular no matter what!

Total Involvement: Greek Week is for ALL of Greek Life. Our goal is to convince all of you that participating in Greek Week will be the BEST decision of your year!

Back-Up Plans: Remember how the little snow incident almost ruined Greek Week last year? Well, bring it on snow. This year we are going to be uber prepared. Not even tsunamis, tornadoes, or earthquakes can stop us. 

Make Greek Week Competitive: You should want to WIN! Sure, we all love Greek Life as a whole, but this is a competition y'all. WIN IT! We have prizes you're going to want.

Philanthropy: One event we are going to pay special attention to planning is a philanthropy event. As individual chapters, all of you have thrown AMAZING philanthropy events. That means that collectively, this Spring, we can throw the most successful philanthropy event DU has ever had. 

Announcing the Greek Week 2013 Planning Committee!

Elise Matson

Hi Everyone! I'm Elise and I'm a sophomore here at DU. When I am not in class I manage the DU Women's Lacrosse Team, nanny for two, hockey-playing munchkins, and play in the snow in Winter Park as much as I can. More importantly though, I am a Delta Zeta. As Delta Zeta's Greek Council Representative, I have come to realize that not only do I love my individual house but I LOVE our Greek Community. We are truly AMAZING! That is why I want to make Greek Week 2013 the best, most fun, week you all can ever have! I am so excited and honored to be the head of the 2013 Greek Week Planning Committee. Greek Week is truly my favorite holiday and I hope it will be yours as well!

Anousha Jaseb

I'm a freshman here at DU and I am part of Alpha Phi! I'm so excited to be on the committee and can't wait for Greek Week to get started! I wanted to get involved with Greek Week because I love planning, working with others and like to be involved with seeing an idea grow! I love the greek life here at DU because I thrive on the camaraderie, the lifelong friendships and the community service we provide. I am enthusiastic, pretty much always optimistic and looking forward to helping as much as I can!

Alicia Rausch

Hey, I'm Alicia, a senior in Delta Delta Delta and current T-Shirt chair. When I'm not wasting time on Pinterest, I'm studying marketing and design so that I can get a job in branding and advertising. I wanted to be on the Greek Week committee because I love being involved, planning events, and saw it as a great opportunity to meet new people in other houses. My favorite thing about Greek Life is all of my amazing friends and the crazy memories we've made that I wouldn't have had an opportunity to do otherwise. I'm hoping to make Greek Week this upcoming year another one.

Eleanore Dykes

I'm very much a people person and love to socialize. I also consider myself to be a confident, take-charge kind of girl, so I thought joining the committee would be a great way to put my talents and passion to good use! Plus, it seems like a really fun time, and who wouldn't want in on that?! Greek life at DU is like a family to me. It reminds me of those Russian dolls that fit inside each other, where I not only have my Big sister, but all my Delta Zeta sisters, as well as friends in other sororities and fraternities. I have met so many wonderful/cool/crazy/fun (or all of the above!) people and had some of the best times of my life because of Greek Life, and I can't imagine not having this be a part of my life now!

Deborah Finestone

My name is Deborah, and I am from Memphis, TN. Currently, I am a first-year student at DU, and a proud member of the Delta Zeta sorority. I wanted to be on the Greek Week planning committee because not only do I have a passion for event planning, I also wanted to get to know people from different houses on our campus. Being in Greek life has been an amazing experience so far. I have loved all the people I have met, and I also love the opportunities for leadership and involvement that Greek life provides. I am so excited to be serving on the committee and for Greek Week 2013!

Arthur Heaton

My name is Arthur Heaton, and I am a sophomore in Kappa Sigma. I am our House Manager, one of the DU J.Crew Campus Representatives, and I am involved with College Republicans, DU Rowing Club, Italian Club, and KXDU radio. I am really looking forward to working with the rest of the Greek Week committee, and all of us are looking forward to working with each other and the rest of the Greek community to make this one of the best Greek Weeks ever!

Lexi Grafe

Hi all!! I'm Lexi Grafe! A freshman in the PLP program and a happy Delta Zeta! I'm from Minnesota so I'm loving life here in Denver. I'm super excited to be able to be on this committee and be so involved in the Greek community. I thought Greek Week would be a great opportunity to meet people and to step up to the plate and give everyone the best Greek Week in DU history! I know you guys will enjoy what we're coming up with behind the scenes and I'm pumped to be able to participate in Greek Week for the first time!

Nick Schwartz

Hi everyone! My name is Nick Schwartz. I am a Freshman PLPer and a brother at the #1 Fraternity on campus, Zeta Beta Tau. I live back home in a suburb of Los Angeles and love being able to have the experience of living in Denver. I had no intentions of joining Greek Life at DU, upon my arrival, but it has been the best decision that I have made so fair. I love my extended ZBT family and I can’t wait to meet all of yours. I am extremely excited for this year’s Greek Week. I have a multitude of experience in leading and planning events. Lastly, I am very happy to be on this year’s committee and if anyone has any questions or ideas for this year’s Greek Week! See you on campus!!!

Pearce Olson

Crystal Camargo

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