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The most important part of coming to college is getting a good education. At the University of Denver , we strive to maintain a high quality of scholarship. In order to remain in good standing, a Greek member must keep up a minimum 2.0 GPA. In addition, we hand out awards to the houses with outstanding academic achievement.

Here at the University of Denver , our Greek members are involved in so many areas of leadership that it would almost be impossible to list them all. Greeks always hold the most prestigious and powerful positions on campus from Student Government to Program planning. As well as numerous positions that Greeks hold all over campus, there are many avenues for leadership in the Greek System that range from offices in the respective houses to position on the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council (the bodies that oversee all Greek activities).

Everyone will join a Greek house for different reasons. Here at the University of Denver , we boast one of the highest Greek percentages in the nation. We have a very strict NO HAZING Policy that is enforced thoroughly. This means that each new member will be treated with respect and not forced to do anything against his/her will. Because of this, our Greek Life is based in friendship.

All of the fraternities and sororities have charities that they raise money and serve throughout the year. Also, Greek Life sponsors an All-Greek philanthropy day during Greek Week that goes to help local schools and charities. The University of Denver hosts a DU Volunteer Day that a resounding amount of Greeks participate in each year. As Greeks, we are dedicating to helping others.

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This is the official University of Denver Greek Life Website. Our offices are located at 2055 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80210. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Go Pioneers!

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